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Frequently Asked Questions!

Telecom Audit Group

Telecom Audit Group (TAG) 28 years of experience helping government clients manage their voice and data spend and now we offer electric, water and gas utility invoice audits.

Our Offers

Offering invoice auditing of Telecom, Electric, Water, Waste and Gas. We average 35% monthly reduction for our clients in Telecom.  
We also offer technology based managed solutions/services.

What do we look for?

– Invoice pricing must match current contract.
– Ensure competitive market rates for governments.
– Review tariffs and surcharges.
-Governments receive many fiscal benefits which governments should take advantage of the benefits.
-Test all services to validate they are still being utilized.
-Look for any negligence on behalf of your providers and if located go after refunds for damages.
-In many cases, we can go back several years for damages on your behalf.


1. Pulaski County, KY. Finance Dept, Joan Issacs. 606-679-1311

2. Fulton County, KY. Finance Dept, Leslie Wood. 270-236-2594

3. Jefferson County, TN. IT Dept, Mike Bolton. 865-471-1881

4. Mercer County, KY. Judge Exec. Milward Dedman. 859-734-6300

5. Clark County, KY. Judge Exec. Henry Branham. 859-745-0200

6. City of Marion Manager- Adam Ledford. 270-965-5313