We specialize in forensic audits of your voice and data provider invoicing and services

Telecom Audit Group (TAG) has spent many years assisting government and corporate enterprise clients with their voice and data spending and assisted with technology choices. TAG specializes in understanding what services and current pricing is available in this space. We also ensure our clients have the best representation regarding their providers.
The truth of the matter is when TAG performs the forensic audit a client has a 95% chance of uncovering billing errors to their favor. A forensic audit is the difference in many cases of locating and leveraging damages against a telephone company. So many times, we have worked with clients who tried to battle the carriers/providers with very limited success. Let us do the heavy lifting.

We have a simple vision and that is to make sure our clients have a 100% understanding of their invoices. This also includes ensuring our clients have a full asset inventory and know the current use of this product. TAG also wants to ensure that everything on the invoice is still functioning properly. Lastly is the pricing of these commodity based services the best current value.

Our Services are designed to create zero risk for our potential clients. The risk is on us.

Bill Reviews

1 hr | Contingent

TAG will collect the most recent monthly invoice for your telephone, internet, wireless, cable, satellite and 911 service providers. TAG will request any associated contracts from these providers. We will also need an LOA with read only permissions. TAG will provide the template for the LOA that can be printed on your letterhead.

More Services

Voice/Data/Video invoice reviews and asset inventory. Carrier/Provider Management. Audit 911 related costs and technologies. Trusted business advisor technology recommendations.​

Tag Introduction

20 mins | TAG Presentation

We would be glad to come by and explain in more detail about what TAG does. Our audit is self funded. We take on the risk and do the work up front. We only make recommendations and its up to the client to agree and approve any recommendation before any bill error can be corrected.

More Services

Audit Telecom, Electric, Water and Gas Invoices. If there are no opportunities uncovered then there is no cost to the client because we have no upfront fees. TAG covers its own travel and audit expenses. Self funded business model. TAG services are contingent based. We share a percentage in the savings portion
produced. TAG invoices for their portion after the new revenue has been received
by the client. We do all the heavy lifting. TAG requires a copy of one months of the most recently paid invoices.

Carl Overton

Founder of T.A.G

Wesley Overton

Senior Telecom Analyst

Bruce Brooks

Senior Telecom Engineer